Chris Evans Girlfriend till 2022

Chris Evans is an American Actor, He Earn the award of Sexiest ManAlive in 2022, In Today’s Post We Will Talk About Chris Evans Girlfriend from 2006 to 2022,

Chris Evans Girlfriend

Chris Evans Girlfriend till 2022

Chris Evans, who has been an important part of Marvel’s movies, whether it is Fantastic Four or Avengers, Chris is always loved by his fans, Chris’s list of girlfriends is long, so let’s see Chris Evans Girlfriend list till 2022

Jessica biel – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Jessica biel is an american actress, model producer and singer jessica was possibly the first girlfriend of chris evans, they started dating in 2006

Chris and jessica had a high profile relationship they were spotted together several times at each other’s movie premiere chris and jessica worked together in two movies as a lover, jessica revealed in an interview that chris always talks about marriage and she also wants to get married, sadly in 2006 chris and jessica broke up and their marriage plans were permanently cancelled.

Gisele Bündchen – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Gisele Bündchen is a brazilian model activist and businesswoman, Chris was linked with Gisele Bündchen briefly in 2006 according to media reports they only dated for one month and broke up,

Emmy Rossum – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Emmy Rossum is an American actress singer and songwriter, chris evans met emmy in 2007. just weeks after that they were spotted together at a hotel, an onlooker said they were kissing in front of everyone unfortunately they soon split and went their separate ways.

Christina Ricci – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Christina Ricci is an American actress, chris was rumored to be dating Christina in 2007. they were spotted arm in arm which sparked the rumors however chris evans never confirmed these rumors.

Minka Kelly – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Minka Kelly  is an american actress and model chris evan hooked up with minka kelly in 2007. however just after six months of dating they broke up their relationship is full of breakups and patch-ups they again started dating in 2012 but again the pair split in 2013. In 2014 they were again seen holding hands this sparked rumors of their dating but sadly few weeks later it was reported that they have called off their relationship.

Vida Guerra – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Vida Guerra is a cuban-born American glamour model chris evans was spotted with vita outside of a restaurant this sparked the rumors of chris dating vida however these sightings ended and slowly the rumors also ended without any confirmations.

kristin cavallari – Chris Evans Girlfriend

kristin cavallari is an American television personality, fashion designerand actress according to a magazine chris hooked up with kristen in 2008 the pair were spotted together at a hollywood event but in an interview kristin denied these rumors she claimed that they are just good friends.

Dianna Agron – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Dianna Agron is an american actress singer and dancer chris evans was linked with diana in 2011. according to a report they were casually dating a source close to evan said chris’s brother scott is a huge fan of her show and he loves Diana they also joked that as long as diana is in the show the family will welcome her with open arms however chris never confirmed these rumors.

Sandra Bullock – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Sandra Bullock is an american actress and producer, chris evans and sandra met at oscar’s after party in 2012. however chris had his eyes on the actress long before the party chris said in an interview that he loved sandra bullock when he was growing up his dreams came true as soon it was reported that they are dating, a source close to sandra said they are not in a relationship but they are hanging out together sadly their romance was short-lived, a few months later it was reported that the pair had separated.

Lucy Pinder – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Lucy Pinder is an english actress, television personality and model she rose to fame in 2003 after being discovered by a freelance photographer chris evans was rumored to be dating lucy in 2015. however none of them confirmed these rumors.

Lily Collins – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Lily Collins is a british American actress chris evans hooked up with lily collins in late 2015. at the time chris was 33 years old and lily was just 26. they met at the vanity fair after party however this relationship was not confirmed officially but fans believe this affair was a serious one.

Elizabeth Olsen – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Elizabeth Olsen is an american actress, born in California, it was rumored chris is secretly dating Elizabeth after the filming of caption america civil war, later it was reported that they have been dating for months, however chris evans denied these rumors, it is said that since chris has signed multiple marvel films he is silent on their relationship

Jenny Slate – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Jenny Slate is an American actress, comedian and author chris and jenny first met on the set of comedy drama gifted jenny divorced, then-husband to be with chris a few weeks later, the pair made their first public appearance, jenny said in an interview she had got a dream boyfriend however the pair split in 2017, but got back together a few months latersadly in 2018 the pair finally broke up

Lily James – Chris Evans Girlfriend

Lily James is an english actress and model, in 2020 rumors circulated that chris has got a new girlfriend a few days later, the pair were spotted together and it was confirmed that they are dating,however since then they have not been spotted and no progress has been made in their relationship.

selena gomez and chris evans

Selena Gomez is an American Actress & Singe, Recently Chris & Selena was Spotted in a beach to swim together and having fan with each other, report said the are dating since 2022 but officially both of them didn’t confirmed that. Let’s see Will Chris get married to her or this will be ended up like earlier.  

Which girlfriend suited chris evans the most let us know by leaving a comment in the section below

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