Paris Hilton reveals the meaning of her baby son’s name.

Paris Hilton was taken aback by the accuracy of Ellen DeGeneres’ guess when she predicted the name of Paris and Carter Reum’s first child, who they welcomed a month ago. They named their son Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, and Paris was grateful to Ellen for her correct guess.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2022, Paris had already picked out baby names for whenever she and Carter decided to start their family, which led Ellen to guess that Phoenix could be one of the names.

Paris Hilton reveals her son’s Name

On February 22, Paris shared the sweet moment on Instagram where Ellen joked, “I named @parishilton’s baby! What do I win?!?! A hotel?!?!” Paris showed her appreciation by resharing the video to her Instagram Stories, adding a smiling-face-with-hearts emoji and a blue heart emoji as the caption.

Paris also revealed the special meaning behind her son’s name, saying, “This is a name that is so special to me. I’ve been planning my children’s names for years and years.” She explained that it was “hard to think of a boy name” that followed her theme of naming her kids after “either a city or a state or a country,” but Phoenix was a name she had thought of over a decade ago.

“It’s such a beautiful name, it’s so unique. I love that it is not only a city but it also has other meanings that are just beautiful,” she said.

Phoenix is Hilton’s first child although her husband is already a dad to a 10-year-old daughter with reality star Laura Bellizzi.

Hilton later shared a statement with People about welcoming her son to the world.

“It’s always been my dream to be a mother and I’m so happy that Carter and I found each other,” Hilton wrote.

“We are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy.”

In conclusion, Paris Hilton and Carter Reum’s son is named Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, a name that Paris had planned for over a decade. Ellen DeGeneres accurately predicted the name on her show a year ago, and Paris was grateful for her spot-on guess.

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